Wine & Bar

    • White Wines By the Glass

    • Zaglia Chardonnay (Friuli, Italy)


      A refreshing fragrance of apples while the taste is crisp, inviting and dry with a clean finish

    • Zaglia Pinot Grigio (Friuli, Italy)


      A fresh, fruity nose and a clean mouth-filling taste with a crisp finish

    • Dr. Loosen Riesling (Mosel, Germany)

      8/glass 33/bottle

      Embodies the elegant style of Mosel Riesling, refreshing and fruity, with a fine mineral edge

    • Butternut Chardonnay (California)

      8/glass 33/bottle

      This wine live up to its name. It has creamy notes, hints of hazelnut and a finish that doesn't quit

    • Di Leonardo Sauvignon Blanc (Friuli, Italy)

      8.75/glass 36/bottle

      Aroma of melon and pear, spicy and smooth with good mineral characteristics

    • Gran Sasso Chardonnay (Abruzzo, Italy)

      8.75/glass 36/bottle

      Crisp and clean with a honeyed aroma and the taste of green apple and pear

    • Uvam Pinot Grigio (Veneto, Italy)

      9/glass 37/bottle

      Light, crisp with a delicate smooth finish and fresh fruity finish

    • Red Wines By the Glass

    • Due Torri Pinot Noir (Veneto, Italy)


      Aromas of wild berries and smoky herbs with cherry flavor and long lasting finish

    • Zaglia Merlot (Friuli, Italy)


      Medium-bodied and smooth with the flavor of cherries and blackberries

    • Campobello Chianti (Tuscany, Italy)


      Ripe and earthy with the flavor of roasted herbs and dried cherries

    • Zaglia Cabernet Sauvignon (Friuli, Italy)


      A bouqet of rasberries and wild blackberries, an earthy, slightly tannic palate.

    • Gouguenheim Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)

      8.50/glass 35/bottle

      Aromas of black raspberry and currants with a hint of tasty vanilly. Full-bodied and long

    • Annabella Pinot Noir (Sonoma, California)

      8.50/glass 35/bottle

      Bright, high-toned, red fruit character with a baking spice, juicy acidity and plush structure.

    • Annabella "Super 5" Red Blend (California)

      8.50/glass 35/bottle

      A proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc

    • Caligiano Chianti (Tuscany, Italy)

      9/glass 36/bottle

      This is a light and fruity Chianti and fresh cherries on the nose and the palate

    • Vinchio Vaglio-Serra Barbera (Piemonte, Italy)

      9/glass 36/bottle

      Full-bodied and flavorful with a crisp, balanced mouth-feel and rich, lingering finish

    • Luccarelli Negroamaro (Puglia, Italy)

      9/glass 36/bottle

      Aromas of ripe black cherries and an earthy spicy feel reminiscent of Zinfandel

    • Cesari Valpolicella Ripasso "Mara" (Veneto, Italy)

      10/glass 40/bottle

      A rich wine with dried red fruit flavors and warm spices on the finish

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